• The “Benefit(s)” of each package as listed online and through any correspondence with the band are completely optional – you are not required to use or utilize all of them. Where a benefit has not been addressed or utilized the band will use better judgement to include on your behalf.
  • Each “benefit” is deemed as a benefit of the package you have agreed and has no monetary value, therefore cannot be refunded if utilized or not.
  • It is agreed and understood that the agreed fee is based on the required time the band has been requested for as specified on each package or via your written agreement with the band.
  • Under the Gold and Platinum or any bespoke packages, song requests to be included in Complimentary DJ Package playlist must be submitted to us within 1 month prior to your event.
  • The band will not be held responsible for not being able to source songs that have been requested either on the night or as part of your playlist – though we shall try our best to provide these for you.
  • Under the Gold, Platinum or any bespoke package the ability for the band to learn your song request(s) for a wedding is entirely based on your song choice. Your request must be submitted to the band no later than 2 months prior to your wedding date. In the Event your request has been submitted to the band later than 2 months from your wedding date it will be at the bands discretion whether they are able to rehearse it and subsequently perform it to a high standard at your wedding. The band also hold the right to decline performing a song if it is deemed to not be performable within the band setting – in these rare cases the band shall discuss this with you.
  • The Band will not be held responsible for any disruption to your event if forced to setup/offload/load equipment or soundcheck in front of any audience members/guests. Though we will always try to do this as discreetly as possible.
  • The use of our smoke machine is a benefit of our Platinum package and gives an atmospheric enhancement to our lights. This is only usable if your chosen venue allows within their rules and regulations – the decision is theirs to make. The band will not be held responsible if your venue does not allow smoke machines within their property.