ICONIC photoshoot!

This week was a busy one for ICONIC with learning new tunes for our setlist and also a professional photoshoot with the eternally patient Howie Marsh of Norfolk Photography . We showed up with 2 outfits each – one casual, one smart, and also a selection of props!  The photoshoot took place in Howie’s studio in Gorleston which was very atmospheric with a corridor just before we got to the main area which looked a bit like a scene from the Walking Dead.. We ended up using this for a shot as it had a lovely gritty industrial feel for the front page of the website.




We all took individual shots for our website bio page; highlight was Carl and the smallest cymbal in the world…




We all had lots of fun and Steve took a few candid shots of us while waiting his turn in front of the lens!




We were very happy with the finished pictures which you can see a selection of on the Gallery page!